We are pleased to announce the combining of our two companies…
We are operating as one combined company under the name of Southern Wealth Management.

Our new website will become available soon.

The journey that led us here

The professionals of Capital Plan and Southern Wealth Management have been part of each other’s extended professional families for 30 years. The combining of our companies simply makes our alignment formal.

When each of us founded our firms, we began with a key strategic question: How could we serve established families and their longstanding external advisors in a manner that was different, better or more robust than what was currently out there? The answer to this question became the business model you’ve experienced from each of us respectively for years.

In contemplating the next genre of our firms, we began to privately revisit that same key question. Subsequently, we began to explore the question together: a simple sounding board discussion between longtime colleagues and trusted allies. After several poignant conversations, the answer naturally materialized: why don’t we join forces and do it together?

Our premise

We find that most middle-of-the-night stress and stop/start cycles of planning come from not having the ability to look at the whole picture. At the upper echelon of planning, everything is interconnected. Yet many business models touch one piece, or lead with one primary discipline. As a result, clients are asked to make interconnected decisions on the basis of disconnected communication.

Our combined company takes two firms with unusually interconnected models and brings them together under one roof. Together, we offer decades of tenure across seven core planning disciplines – each supported by equal expertise, credentials and bench strength.

This single communication hub increases creativity through cross-pollination of ideas behind the scenes. It relieves families and their longstanding external advisors of the burden of remembering and repeating essential communication across multiple conversations and conference rooms.

For our cherished existing clients, our new company broadens the multi-faceted focus we’ve brought to your planning for years. It allows you to codify your wants and needs in a highly efficient and cohesive manner. And, to have your planning vigilantly tended to, year-by-year and generation-by-generation.

Because trust is a precious currency.

We’ve adopted the motto, Because trust is a precious currency. It speaks to our belief that trust is the currency of relationship, and relationships are our most valuable asset. Our combined company allows you to extend the trusted currency of our relationship into additional planning disciplines, and your future generations of family and business.

Seven core disciplines

Incorporating all core disciplines, we guide families through plan development, and then administer it continuously over the long-term course of our relationship. Our approach helps bring efficiency and continuity to ongoing management via a common set of relationships, business systems and service models.

  • Financial and estate planning
  • Business succession planning, including business valuation
  • Tax consulting, compliance and filing of returns
  • Investment portfolio design and management
  • Life insurance portfolio design and management
  • Philanthropic planning and plan management
  • Family office services such as bookkeeping, bill pay and management of luxury holdings (art, airplanes, yachts).


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New Orleans

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San Antonio

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